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My son is far more advanced than his peers in traditional school and I attribute that to the exposure he has received from homeschooling - Sakeitha S.

We're Here to Encourage

Feeling stuck? Want support and friendships for your homeschooling journey? We invite you & your child(ren) to join us for experiential learning through play and exploration.

We’re non-traditional, engaging and effective. Come experience a unique approach to education where LEARNING IS AN ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME!

  • Robust & engaging learning activities that will get your family outdoors 

  • Choose our Online or In-Person approach

  • Each month is themed with adventures that will inspire curiosity & help you discover the world around you 

  • Fun & friendships at playdate meetups

  • Facilitated by Texas Certified Teacher & homeschooling mom

Note from Founder/Facilitator

Chemberli Greene

I started homeschooling my son after leaving a traditional teaching career that was stressful, to say the least. That experience showed me what I didn’t want for my then infant son and it wasn’t what I wanted for myself. My mission became to teach my son in a way that he could really connect - that was meaningful, fun, interactive and lots of times on the go.  There are so many exciting and wonderful things to learn, for both parents & children alike.


After nearly 6 years of this learning approach & seeing first-hand the incredible results it has yielded—I want to encourage other parents/children in this same way! It is my hope that together we can explore this magnificent world—one adventure at a time! 

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