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Bringing Real Life & Relevance 
to Our Youth

Homeschool with E.L.A. offers learning experiences designed to fortify our Black children. Our focus is Afro-centric enrichment, celebrating our ancestry and ourselves through empowerment activities, Cultural & Self awareness, Critical thinking, Problem solving, Life skills development, Team building, Talent & Leadership development and more.


We pursue a FUNdamental approach to learning - giving our children engaging opportunities to explore the world around them while staying centered in who we are. We travel around the Greater Houston area to explore amazing works of Black people, cultivating cultural pride and confidence. Learning and growing together sets the stage for developing a deep sense of confidence, pride and belonging. Right from the start we’re nurturing great minds & souls for the preservation of our future generations. 

Note from Founder/Facilitator
Chemberli Greene

I started homeschooling my son after leaving a traditional teaching career that was stressful, to say the least. That experience showed me what I didn’t want for my then infant son and it wasn’t what I wanted for myself. My mission became to teach my son in a way that was meaningful, fun and interactive. So I started creating opportunities for him to explore the world around us through experiential learning adventures! And as he started to get older, it became more clear to me that the best way I could equip him for life would also require intentional focus on strengthening his cultural and self-awareness. These collective experiences have been a difference maker in raising up a strong, confident Black male.


After nearly 7 years of this learning approach & seeing first-hand the incredible results it has yielded—I want to encourage other Black parents/children in this same way! Bringing real life and relevance to our youth is my call.  

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