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Geocache 1 - Ready, Set, Find!

Geocache 1: Enter the coordinates into ur GPS. Upon arriving to the location, use the following clues & a compass to find the geocache!

Clues: Start at the bench that’s surrounded by white. then head S, along the sidewalked trail until u get to the roadside sign. Then continue SE, 124 steps and ur covered. You’ll find me inside, just face NW and look up. I'm out of place, but my camouflage allows me to blend in perfectly.

After You Find the Geocache, What's Next???

Email a photo of the geocache to: & we’ll give you a shout-out on our website/social media.

Please do not disturb the geocache, it should remain in place for other players to find. Let's keep the fun going! #kidfriendlygeocaching#homeschoolwithela#outdoorrecreation#scavengerhunt

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