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Geocaches 5, 6 & 7 - This Place is Loaded!

Katy Area Geocaching

Enter the coordinates into your GPS. Upon arriving to the location (Katy area), use the following clues and a compass to find the geocaches! This location has three!

Clues (Geocache 5): Stand under the green canopy. Head SE, 45 steps. What you’ll find is a whopper of sorts - it’s got five layers and it’s brown. It’s made of metal & has withstood the test of time but is only worth 5 cents.

Clues (Geocache 6): Find the place along the waters edge facing the fountain, with the playground behind u, and to ur L. Now head NW, 74 steps. I’m a baby in the bunch. Bright like the sun but hidden in the shadows.

Clues (Geocache 7): Start at edge of fence line nearest parking lot. Face W, 10 steps. Turn N, 39 steps. NE 55 steps, and lastly S, 34 steps. U might use me to hang a plant. I look like Captain Hook.

After You Find the Geocache, What's Next???

Email a photo of the geocaches to: & we’ll give you a shoutout on our website/social media.

Please do not disturb the geocaches, they should remain in place for other players to find. Let's keep the fun going!

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