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Kid-friendly Geocaching

So we've started our own geocaching platform - it's kid-friendly, fun clues to help build critical thinking skills & a great activity for kids to learn how to use a compass!

So what is Geocaching?

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt in which participants use a GPS and other navigational tools/techniques to hide & seek items all over the world! Our geocaching network consists of homeschooling families & friends here in the Greater Houston area. We will be utilizing GPS and compasses. Every time a participant hides a geocache, it will be posted to our blog & FB page for other players to try and find. Geocaches will stay at their location so that it can be found over & over again, by different players year-round! But each time a player finds a geocache, we ask that you photograph it, along with the date you found it & comments about your experience & email to: We will share your find to keep the excitement going!

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