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Wasp Learning Adventure!

Adrian said ‘Mom I want to make a wasp’ - and so the learning adventure began! He has a way of finding bugs on our nature walks & his recent wasp find was a perfect model to get us started! We used clay to sculpt his & then made paper mache to build a wasp nest! 😃 It was messy & it may not look very pleasing to the eye but Adrian had loads of fun with this activity 😄 & we learned alot about these often avoided wonders in nature!

How We Did It...

1. Examined a real-life wasp and printed a diagram to help us learn the parts of wasp body.

2. Trip to the store to buy modeling clay! Adrian picked out the colors based on his wasp observations :o)

3. Used photo of wasp nest to explore how their homes look & watched videos to learn how wasps construct them & the purposes they serve.

4. Gathered supplies from our pantry & mixed them together to make paper mache: 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of water & teaspoon of salt.

5. Cut a paper cup and used the bottom half to serve as base for wasp nest. Cut newspaper strips, dipped in paper mache & covered the cup.

6. Wrapped plastic straws in paper mache & inserted them into the cup to create tunnels.


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