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When Plans Don't Work Out!

This was an adventure that didn’t quite work out as planned 😆 Tried to build a skyscraper but the wind was working against us. But we’re always ready to make the most of our adventures so...instead we took a scenic cycle through Downtown to see them up close! Downtown is different on a bike! 🚲 No annoying one-way streets when your on two wheels, lol 😆 As for the skyscraper, we’ll try again tmrw - with some hot glue!!! 😆

Helpful Tips:

1. Saturday's after 6pm - free parking at meters Downtown. Also, free parking all day Sunday (in most cases)

2. Houston BCycle has bike rental stations across Houston - this comes in handy if you're like us & only have space for your child's bike in the trunk. Find locations Rental fee is $3 for 30 minutes - money well spent!


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